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Air Conditioning

Great Air Conditioning Services Available

Bribie Air Conditioning are focused on Air conditioning Bribie Island and the surrounding areas. As experienced installers of all major brands, we offer an extensive range of heating and cooling systems including split-systems, ducted refrigerated air conditioners and ducted evaporative systems. Our experienced staff can advise on the most appropriate system for your requirements – from a single room to an entire home.

On-going Service & Support

Following the installation of your air con, it’s important to regularly service your system (otherwise you may void the manufacturer’s warranty). We have experienced technicians on call for ongoing maintenance to ensure your system performs for many years to come. Part of our repair services is to make sure your ducts and unit are clean. Sometimes an overrunning of dusts and allergens can cause problems in your home. We want to make sure that is not happening. Cleaning, replacing parts, and fixing issues is all part of the repair process. We guarantee our work.

Being cool is one the hardest things to do in the middle of summer. A cold shower doesn’t really do the trick. What does work is amazing air conditioning on to cool a room fast? Bribie Air Conditioning are great for keeping your air conditioning systems working and in tip-top shape. Don’t get bogged down in the heat, stay cool. Bribie Air Conditioning can do that for you. Also if you have split systems install you are going to have a great all year round. You can be warm or cool when you need it the most with Bribie Air Conditioning.

Stay cool and calm during the hottest months of the year. With great services and advice from Bribie Air Conditioning, every day is a great day. Contact Bribie Air Conditioning for the best air conditioning repairs and maintenance that you really need.

Air Conditioning Repairs