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Air Conditioning

Products & Services

As the name suggests, Bribie Air Conditioning have deliberately decided to focus only on domestic air con. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s what we know, and it’s what we do best. This specific focus means better, clearer, more reliable service for our valued clients.

Air Conditioning

New Systems

Bribie Air Conditioning specialises in helping you choose the right air-conditioning system for your unique home layout and personal comfort wants and needs. We are available to supply, install, and maintain new air conditioning systems, including reverse cycle options.

While we will happily fit your pre purchased product, our preference is to advise when at all possible as to the type, brand, and model of air conditioning system installed.

Bribie Air Conditioning recommendations are based on

  • Our 10+ years of experience (with new management)
  • Our long term observations of electrical quality, reliability, and value of particular brands and models
  • Our local understanding of seasonal temperature and weather variations and extremes
  • Our professional assessment of your home’s physical location, layout and aesthetic
  • Our comprehensive, free consultation service that takes into account you and your family’s unique cooling and heating comfort requirements
Caboolture Air Conditioning Repairs

Existing Systems

Bribie Air Conditioning can assist in upgrading, maintaining, or repairing existing air conditioning systems.

As with any electrical or mechanical device, air conditioning systems require regular maintenance in order to continue to function at optimal levels. For example, air conditioner filters are designed to catch dust and microbes. However, if your air conditioner isn’t regularly, properly maintained, these filters can clog up and end up spreading all kinds of nasties into your home.

Regular maintenance is an essential part of maintaining optimal cooling and heating capacity, and air quality. Bribie Air Conditioning can perform professional maintenance on any air conditioning system.

As for repairs, we know full well how much a broken air-conditioner can negatively affect your life, especially in the height of summer! Bribie Air Conditioning strive at all times to offer timely, professional, courteous, and reliable service.

Professional Alliances

Our ‘One Stop Shop’ Service Offering

Coordinating multiple contractors to address your air conditioning needs can be time-consuming and a whole lot of effort. To help you streamline the process, we have a professional alliance with another highly reputable, local service provider Hans Electrical Service. We take care of the air-conditioning supply and install, and Hans Electrical Service take care of the fit off. We coordinate work times, meaning less disruption at home for you, and only one tax invoice for the whole job.

Hans Electrical Service specialises in domestic electrical installations ceiling fans, garden lighting, shed power ups, oven and cook tops, hot water repairs, testing and tagging, smoke alarms, surge protectors, safety switches and more. With Hans bringing over 25 years experience, and an equal focus on personalised, quality service, we are delighted to be able to jointly offer a comprehensive residential electrical service.


  • Electrical Licence | 165295
  • QBCC | 15263257
  • ARCTIC | L138688
  • AU | 58505