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Bribie Air Conditioning

Bribie Air Conditioning

Bribie Air Conditioning

As the name suggests, Bribie Air Conditioning have deliberately decided to focus only on domestic air conditioning replacements, repairs and servicing. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s what we know, and it’s what we do best. This specific focus means better, clearer, more reliable service for our valued clients.

Bribie Air Conditioning are focused on Bribie Air conditioning and service the surrounding areas. As experienced installers of all major brands, we offer an extensive range of heating and cooling systems including spilt-system air cons and ducted air conditioners. Our experienced staff can advise on the most appropriate air con unit for your requirements – from a single room to an entire home.

On-going Service & Support

Following the installation of your Bribie air conditioning, it’s important to regularly service your system (otherwise you may void the manufacturer’s warranty). We have experienced technicians on call for ongoing maintenance to ensure your system performs for many years to come. Part of our repair services is to make sure your ducts and unit are clean. Sometimes an accumulation of dusts and allergens can cause problems in your home. We want to make sure that is not happening. Cleaning, replacing parts, and fixing issues is all part of the repair process. We guarantee our work.

Bribie Air Conditioning recommendations are based on

  • 10 years of experience
  • Our long term observations of electrical quality, reliability, and value of particular brands and models
  • Our local understanding of seasonal temperature and weather variations and extremes
  • Our professional assessment of your home’s physical location, layout and aesthetic
  • Our comprehensive, free consultation service that takes into account you and your family’s unique cooling and heating comfort requirements
Bribie air conditioning

We pride ourselves in meeting the customers needs; our efficient & highly qualified technicians will impress you and our competitive prices will provide you with a cost effective solution for your home. Take the step to a cooler future, by getting in touch with the team at Bribie Air Conditioning.


Joel’s Licence Information:

  • Electrical Licence | 165295
  • QBCC | 15263257
  • ARCTIC | L138688
  • AU | 58505

Remember, it’s your comfort and convenience
That are at the top of Bribie Air Conditioning’s priority list.